About Us

Forget eating and sleeping for a while. We believe that working is actually the most essential part of life. OK.. you’re right, besides coffee.

We work pretty much most of the time we spend on this earth, so why not make the best of it? And the best of it? That will be Socialdesk!

At Socialdesk we believe in working with others instead of just working next to them, we believe that you will feed off of the energy of those around you, we believe that together you can overcome shared challenges and we believe that brainstorming will lead to unique solutions.

We also believe that no one is perfect, so if you do not find a solution within the building you can still use a lifeline and call a friend from one of our phone booths. That’s right, we thought about everything.

So what is Socialdesk exactly?

Short and clear: Socialdesk is a gift to our community.

Socialdesk is a group of passionate and like-minded peers that choose to work together to make not only their own work and lives better, but most of all our city and community.

Socialdesk is a community oriented coworking space convenient and accessibly located in sunny Pensacola. Our big and beautiful building did former service as a bank, leaving us with its incredible special features that you should come check out for yourself.

Our address is 3695 North "L" Street, Pensacola, FL 32505

The building is surrounded by a large amount of lighted parking spaces, leaving you with not just lots of choices in desks, but even with very easy and convenient parking.

We offer high quality workspaces at an affordable price and even throw a variety of (work related) events in the mix. Whether you want to work next to people, with people, alone, with your already existing coworkers, at a hot desk, shared table, dedicated desk or a private day-use office, whether you want a small conference room, a big one, a multi-purpose event room, a kitchen, a way-too-comfy seat to take break or even a place in our vault, you name it, we’ve got it!

And just in case you have not found what you’re looking for, let’s make a deal;

If you manage to beat us in beer-pong at Friday afternoon, we will sit with you and make sure we can meet your requests and expectations. (don’t worry, we know beating us is pretty much impossible, so feel free to ask us anything anytime and we will do everything in our power to offer you your perfect workspace)

We know that shared workspaces are growing rapidly and are becoming more and more popular every day. However, with Socialdesk offering you the professionalism of an office, the flexibility of a yoga class, the comfort of your own living room and the fun of a café, we are sure that you will never want another place.

Not convinced yet? Come check us out.

Because after all, the only thing that we are still missing is you!